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Say you write a system which solves a business 16 need for a customer.

The sum of all your 15 code is the application logic, or system 14 architecture - basically the entirety of 13 the system you're building.

The business 12 logic is the code subset which models and 11 drives actual business processes. "What 10 happens when an order for Product X is placed? How 9 is the cost of Product Y calculated?" Ie. the 8 bits of code where you probably need some 7 input from the customer/domain expert/project 6 stakeholder.

Ideally, the business logic 5 is separated into its own tier or layer 4 (see the Wikipedia article on N-tier architecture). The rest of the code can often simply 3 be thought of as infrastructure to help 2 that business logic execute (database wrapper, helper 1 functions, service facades, external integration, GUI, etc).

Score: 45

Business logic is basically rules of the 10 system according to functional specifications. For 9 example Object A of type B must have attributed 8 C and D, but not E. Application Logic is 7 more of a technical specification, like 6 using Java servlets and OJB to persist to 5 an Oracle database. In the end, that are 4 buzz words to help describe tiers of technology 3 in an application. Hopefully in an effort 2 to keep various tiers separated making a 1 better application design.

Score: 8

It might be not very accurate, but I use 3 the following thinking to determine whether 2 it's application, business logic or something 1 else:


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