[ACCEPTED]-Does Bugzilla support any markup language?-bugzilla

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Edit: Bugzilla 6.0 will include optional markdown 5 support; it was implemented as a GSoC project 4 in the bug linked in the question. Docs.

Before 3 6.0, the only thing it supports is the > prefix 2 on lines, which makes them purple and not 1 wrap.

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At this moment, Markdown formatting is supported on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ based on my own testing 14 just now. There's a small link that says 13 "Markdown styling now supported"

However, Mozilla's bugzilla 12 instance appears to be running one of several 11 Markdown Bugzilla extensions listed on GitHub, since Markdown 10 doesn't seem to be mentioned in the bugzilla code repository.

As 9 for version history, bugzilla.mozilla.org 8 links to documentation indicating they are running Bugzilla 7 4.2. Markdown was introduced in the Bugzilla 6 4.5.6 development snapshot, but reverted from 5.0. Then, Markdown support was included 5 in the Bugzilla 5.1.2 documentation.

I can't find current plans. There 4 was discussion here without clarity about 3 what happened:


Any given Bugzilla installation may or may not support Markdown right now, but Markdown was designed to be readable, so go ahead and use it. It seems likely it will be 2 rendered as HTML in the near future even 1 if it isn't right now.

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