[ACCEPTED]-Perforce — move a shelved Changelist from main to branch?-shelving

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Starting with Perforce 2013.1, you can shelve 4 a file in one branch and unshelve it into 3 another, using a branch spec or stream as 2 the mapping.

Here is the documentation which describes the 1 new -b and -S options.

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I believe that you can right-click on an 5 edited file and choose Rename/Move....

If that does not 4 work, you'll probably have to use the command 3 line and do p4 move -f old_file new_file and move to another branch.

Note: For 2 what it's worth, this works for branches 1 but not streams.

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I haven't tried this myself, but I would 2 imagine this should be possible:

  1. Change your client to a workspace that contains mappings for the destination branch
  2. Select the pending changelist and unshelve it (or call p4 unshelve -s <number> from the command line

From the 1 p4 manual:

A successful unshelve operation places the shelved files on the user's 
workspace with the same open action and pending integration history as 
if it had originated from that user and client.
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You can also use "p4 move -f /main/... /dev/branch/..." to 1 accomplish this.

  1. make sure that the only editable files you have in /main/... are the ones you wish to move. Shelve and revert files in any other changelist
  2. command line: "p4 move -f /main/... /dev/branch/..."
  3. the files in the changeset are now on /dev/branch marked as requiring resolve
  4. Resolve each file just as you would an ordinary conflict

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