[ACCEPTED]-Batch : Checking the number of parameters-batch-file

Accepted answer
Score: 25

You can simply test for existence of a third 9 parameter and cancel if present:

if not "%~3"=="" (
    echo No more than two arguments, please
    goto :eof

But more 8 specifically, there is no direct way of 7 getting the number of arguments passed to 6 a batch, short of shifting and counting them. So 5 if you want to make sure that no more than 4 19 arguments are passed, then you need to 3 do exactly that. But if the number of expected 2 arguments is below 9 above method works 1 well.

Score: 5
IF NOT "%3"=="" GOTO Too_Many_Args


Score: 1

Here is my small example for gathering and 2 parsing a list of arguments and passing 1 to external command:

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

if %1. EQU . (
    echo %~0 [-t NUM] FILE [FILE...]
    goto end

if "%~1" EQU "-t" (
    set arg_t=%1
    set arg_t_val=%2
) else (
    set files=!files! %1
if %1. NEQ . goto args_loop


x:\path\to\external.exe %arg_t% %arg_t_val% %files%


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