[ACCEPTED]-Create an ASMX web service from a WSDL file-asmx

Accepted answer
Score: 35

If you already created interfaces you need 10 to implement those interfaces.
Just create 9 a new web service and add the interface 8 that you generated so that it inherits from 7 that interface. Visual Studio can automatically 6 generate stubs for every method in interface. Mark 5 them with the WebMethod attribute and put 4 some code in that will return some test 3 data/results.

If you have this interface 2 (with some more attributes that were automatically 1 generated):

public interface IRealWebService
    string GetName();


You should make a new service:

public class WebTestService : System.Web.Services.WebService, IRealWebService

    #region IRealWebService Members

    public string GetName()
        return "It Works !!!!";
Score: 4

All you need to do is create a class that 3 inherits from the interface that WSDL.EXE 2 has generated, and then implement the methods 1 from the interface.

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