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The application_end event primarily fires when the IIS 11 pool is recycled or the application itself 10 is unloaded. One other thing to note, that 9 a change to a dependent file (say web.config) will 8 cause the application to reload itself, which 7 will in cause the application_end event 6 to fire while it is closing itself off.

To 5 note, the only instance I found of the application 4 end event firing when the last user session 3 times out is in some old documentation dated 2 2001. I'm not sure if that criteria still 1 applies.

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Application_End is triggered when the ASP.NET 10 worker process terminates. This usually 9 occurs after a configurable period of inactivity 8 or when IIS (or the relevant application 7 pool) is shut down or restarted.

When running 6 in IIS 6.0, the inactivity timeout is configurable 5 through the application pool settings in 4 Internet Services Manager (Idle Timeout 3 on the Performance tab). Under earlier versions 2 of IIS it can be set in machine.config (idleTimeout 1 under processModel).

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In my case, the Aapplication Pool was being 2 recycled because the property Idle Time-Out (minutes)

The Default 1 value of this property is 20 (minutes)

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