[ACCEPTED]-where do you put ivysettings.xml?-ivy

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If you'll allow me to clarify, the ivysettings.xml is the 9 configuration of your development environment 8 as a whole. It is not related to the repository 7 items themselves. Generally speaking, ivysettings.xml should 6 sit alongside your main build.xml, so that when you 5 put

<ivy:settings file="ivysettings.xml"/>

in your build.xml, it just finds it in the current 4 directory.

This file is completely distinct 3 from the ivy.xml files that describe the various 2 modules in your repository. These sit alongside 1 the published artifacts in the repo.

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You can place your ivysettings.xml file anywhere you want 7 and you simply reference it in your Ant 6 script with:

<ivy:settings file="ivysettings.xml"/>

If you are developing several 5 projects, you will notice that you typically 4 use the same ivysettings.xml file everywhere and there's 3 no point in copy/pasting this file manually.

What 2 I do is define one ivysettings.xml file that is checked 1 out by all my other projects using svn:externals.

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I have had the same fun with this toady, and 7 have found you can put the ivysettings.xml 6 file anywhere you like, but you simply reference 5 this location on the commandline when you 4 come to use it. e.g. You can call Ivy from 3 NAnt something like this:

<exec program="java" 
  commandline=" ... ...  
  -jar [location of .jar file] 
  -settings [location of ivysettings.xml file]
  ... ..." 

(where ... means 2 something uninteresting has been removed 1 to save space)


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