[ACCEPTED]-Adb Devices can't find my phone-adb

Accepted answer
Score: 67

Try doing this:

  • Unplug the device
  • Execute adb kill-server && adb start-server(that restarts adb)
  • Re-plug the device

Also you can try to edit 3 an adb config file .android/adb_usb.ini and add a line 04e8 after 2 the header. Restart adb required for changes 1 to take effect.

Score: 37

I have a Samsung Galaxy and I had the same 13 issue as you. Here's how to fix it:

In device 12 manager on your Windows PC, even though 11 it might say the USB drivers are installed 10 correctly, there may exist corruption.

I 9 went into device manager and uninstalled 8 SAMSUNG Android USB Composite Device and 7 made sure to check the box 'delete driver 6 software'. Now the device will have an 5 exclamation mark etc. I right clicked and 4 installed the driver again (refresh copy). This 3 finally made adb acknowledge my phone as 2 an emulator.

As others noted, for Nexus 4, you 1 can also try this fix.

Score: 24

I did the following to get my Mac to see 4 the devices again:

  • Run android update adb
  • Run adb kill-server
  • Run adb start-server

At this point, calling 3 adb devices started returning devices again. Now run 2 or debug your project to test it on your 1 device.

Score: 14

I have a ZTE Crescent phone (Orange San 6 Francisco II).

When I connect the phone to 5 the USB a disk shows up in OS X named 'ZTE_USB_Driver'.

Running 4 adb devices displays no connected devices. But after 3 I eject the 'ZTE_USB_Driver' disk from OS 2 X, and run adb devices again the phone shows up as 1 connected.

Score: 11

I just spent half a day trying to connect 10 my various Android devices to my MacBook 9 Pro (running 10.8.2). It turns out to have 8 been a Micro USB cable problem. I have 7 many Micro USB cables, but only the one 6 that came packaged with my Galaxy Nexus 5 works to connect the phones to my computer. I 4 don't know if this is due to damage, or 3 some proprietary manufacturing, but please 2 remember to try connecting the phone with 1 the cable that was packaged with it.

Score: 2

I have a Fascinate as well, and had to change 8 the phone's USB communication mode from 7 MODEM to PDA. Use:

  • enter **USBUI (**87284)

to change both USB 6 and UART to PDA mode. I also had to disconnect 5 and reconnect the USB cable. Once Windows 4 re-recognized the device again, "adb devices" started 3 returning my device.

BTW if you use CDMA 2 workshop or the equivalent, you will need 1 to switch the setting back to MODEM.

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