[ACCEPTED]-What does this mean: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_CONTAINER_ERROR]?-android-package-managers

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Change the install location from




in your 1 project's AndroidManifest.xml.

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remove this file from your device


Edit/Update 3 by Mathias Conradt (OP):

If you don't have 2 root access, you need to mount the sdcard 1 and remove it via pc:

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If you're using an emulator, edit it and 4 add more memory. I've had a problem just 3 like this one and all I did was edit my 2 AVD's memory from 200 MB to 1000 MB and 1 the problem seem to go away... Good Luck.

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This means there was an earlier installation 3 that was corrupt. If you install on external 2 I would suggest that you format the sd card 1 an try again.

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I have had this error repeatedly. I have 7 found the simplest way to avoid the error 6 in its entirety is to simply format the 5 SD card. Using the phone or emulators internal 4 tools. I have found that the automatically 3 generated SD cards or even making your own 2 sdcard.iso fails and causes this error unless 1 formated by the internal android tools.

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For me this was caused by a lack of space 4 on my emulator's SD card. I was working 3 with a pretty large project and I had thought 2 40 mb was enough, but I changed it to 200 1 mb and the problem went away.

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Had the same error with various .apk on Cyanogenmod 4 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) on my Note 8 with a 3 second partition for Link2SD. I was able 2 to install the apps by forcing the installation 1 via adb as root:

adb root
adb install -f myapp.apk
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I got this error message from Android 5.0.1. I 5 had changed the preferred install location 4 to "Removable SD card" via Settings->Apps->Preferred 3 Install Location.

I changed the option back 2 to "Let the system decide" and the error 1 message went away.

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For me, it was the device language. I chnaged 3 the language to Arabic to test my application. Then 2 I got this error. Reverting back the language 1 did the trick.

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android:installLocation="auto" works..!!

If 4 Not, Once check your external storage space 3 size.[Available memory > app size] If storage 2 space is not enough then also this error 1 is thrown.

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It happens when you don't have enough storage in internal storage to install app. Just clear up 3 some memory in internal storage by deleting 2 unwanted files or photos. Memory cleaning 1 software can also help.

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I had similar problem with emulator. It 2 was gone when I changed emulator's CPU type 1 from ARM to Intel.

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in some situations, removing the libs/android-support-v4.jar generates 1 this error.

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For me, an uninstallation of several applications 8 solved the problem. When a local storage 7 has had enough memory, a deployment of APK 6 completed successfully. But usually I simply 5 restart a gadget, and installation completes. Also, some 4 programs like Clean Master may help. Simply 3 often wipe unuseful processes and close 2 programs with Clean Master and get enough 1 memory.

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Restarting my device fixed the issue for 1 me.

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