[ACCEPTED]-How to display date picker for android with only month and year fields?-datepicker

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I just have released a new date picker framework 7 which allows you to create custom date picker. I 6 also provided some example date pickers 5 like the one you are looking for. Hope, that 4 it works for you.

the code can be found here: https://github.com/bendemboski/DateSlider

UPDATE 06/2014: This 3 library was developed 2010 and has been 2 unmaintained since 2011. So it is most likely 1 out of date by now.

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It possible to hack the DatePicker instance 3 using reflection. This way, you are able 2 to access the NumberPicker instance which 1 represent the day in the DatePicker:

datePicker = (DatePicker) findViewById(R.id.expiration_date);
try {
    Field f[] = datePicker.getClass().getDeclaredFields();
    for (Field field : f) {
        if (field.getName().equals("mDayPicker")) {
            Object dayPicker = new Object();
            dayPicker = field.get(datePicker);
            ((View) dayPicker).setVisibility(View.GONE);
} catch (SecurityException e) {
    Log.d("ERROR", e.getMessage());
catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
    Log.d("ERROR", e.getMessage());
} catch (IllegalAccessException e) {
    Log.d("ERROR", e.getMessage());
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Speaking of reflection this works in Android 1 4.4.2 SDK



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I think It's the best solution

  datePicker.findViewById(Resources.getSystem().getIdentifier("day", "id", "android")).setVisibility(View.GONE);


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EDIT: as per the comment below, I wouldn't 7 follow this answer anymore.

I don't think 6 you can do that with the default date picker. You'll 5 have to create it out of basic Android UI 4 elements. But instead of going to that 3 trouble, why not use a better library element 2 like this great-looking iPhone-esque wheel: http://code.google.com/p/android-wheel/ I 1 haven't used it yet, but I plan to!

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This works fine in 2.2 version. But title 1 of the dialog is not changed.

for (Field datePickerDialogField : datePickerDialogFields) {           

    if (datePickerDialogField.getName().equals("mDatePicker")) {
        DatePicker datePicker = (DatePicker) datePickerDialogField.get(datePickerDialog);

        Field datePickerFields[] = datePickerDialogField.getType().getDeclaredFields();

        for (Field datePickerField : datePickerFields) {

            if ("mDayPicker".equals(datePickerField.getName())) {
                Object dayPicker = new Object();
                dayPicker = datePickerField.get(datePicker);
                ((View) dayPicker).setVisibility(View.GONE);
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You can use the https://github.com/SimonVT/android-datepicker widget for backported compatibility 1 and make the day picker 'gone'

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For Hiding Day :

 datePicker.findViewById(Resources.getSystem().getIdentifier("day", "id", "android")).setVisibility(View.GONE);


For hiding Month :

datePicker.findViewById(Resources.getSystem().getIdentifier("month", "id", "android")).setVisibility(View.GONE);


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