[ACCEPTED]-Difference Between Application Exception and System Exception-exception

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Originally they were intended to separate 10 BCL defined and user defined Exceptions. ApplicationException 9 was meant to be the base class for all user 8 defined exceptions. The idea was it would 7 give you a clean way to differintiate between 6 framework exceptions and custom exceptions.

Unfortunately 5 this policy was not enforced from the start 4 and as a result there are many contradictions 3 to this rule in the BCL. The current recomendation 2 is not to inherit from these exceptions.

Here's 1 a nice blog entry on the subject:

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All exception derives from Exception Base 11 class. Exceptions can be generated programmatically or 10 can be generated by system. Application 9 Exception serves as the base class for all 8 application specific exception classes. It 7 derives from Exception but does not provide 6 any extended functionality. You should derive 5 your custom application exceptions from 4 Application Exception. Application exception 3 are used when we want to define user defined 2 exception. While system exception are all 1 which are defined by .NET

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