[ACCEPTED]-How can i see the assembly version of a .NET assembly in Windows Vista and newer (WIndows 7, 2008)?-file-properties

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No. Not from explorer. It is an intentional 4 move by Microsoft (although I dislike it).

You 3 can from powershell though:


Also if file 2 version is not explicitly set it will default 1 to assembly version.

Here is some info: http://all-things-pure.blogspot.com/2009/09/assembly-version-file-version-product.html

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Take a look at https://github.com/ssidpat/powerext

I know this is way late but 3 I found this question when trying to find 2 the extension again so others may find it 1 too...

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You can always write a Shell Extension to 2 add a property page to File Properties like 1 it has been done here http://sbytestream.pythonanywhere.com/software/asmprops

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In Windows 7 Enterprise you can use windows 7 explorer to right-click the assembly, click 6 properties, then click the Details tab.

The 5 property "Product version" has the assembly 4 version formatted as major.minor.build#.revision#. The 3 property "File version" has it too.

Not sure 2 if this works in other versions of Windows 1 7.

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Thanks to Ramesh Srinivasan, there's at 10 least a way to add the file version to the 9 Details pane of the explorer window. Add 8 a string value to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\dllfile 7 named PreviewDetails with the value prop:System.FileVersion;System.FileDescription;System.DateModified;System.Size‌​. That 6 way if you are dealing with assemblies where 5 the file version matches the assembly version, as 4 Jerome suggested, at least you can see it 3 just by selecting the assembly. I couldn't 2 find anywhere where the available system 1 file properties are documented.

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