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Accepted answer
Score: 27

Try reflector. http://www.red-gate.com/products/reflector/

Its free :-)

As of February 2 2011, its no longer free ...:(
There are alternatives like ilspy or 1 JetBrains dotPeek.

Score: 3

Please try ILSpy. It is very good tool to view 4 the assembly info. Assembly Analyzer is another tool for 3 analyzing the metadata and resources within 2 a .NET assembly, as well as disassembling 1 non-CLI executable files.

Score: 1

Having tried a bunch of them (CodeReflect, Dis#, JustDecompile, ILSpy, dotPeek), one 15 thing I realised is that most decompilers 14 don't show you code in a very readable fashion. ILSpy 13 is good, except that everything seem to 12 be so cluttered. There are almost no new 11 line at all between class members.

In that 10 respect JustDecompile and dotPeek stand out. JustDecompile looks more polished 9 with a slightly better interface to work 8 with, except that it comes with a web installer, and 7 you have to register as well in the process.

They 6 all have strength and weaknesses, but my 5 choice would be dotPeek which do not force you 4 to register. It also comes with handy Visual 3 Studio shortcuts which makes the whole experience 2 familiar (for eg F12 to navigate to definition). With 1 either of them you have a decent decompiler.

Score: 1

JetBrains dotPeek works great and is free, highly 1 recommend.

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